Terms Of Service

If you want to commission me, please read the following lines carefully. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you will not be able to hire me, so please try to solve this before everything else.

  • Commercial Purposes

    The commissioner is allowed to upload the watermarked picture with proper credit to me (a visible backlink e.g.) to social media sites or homepages. Any activities involving money earned through the artworks directly or indirectly (like selling physical prints or digital copies of any kind, using my artworks for ads…) are not allowed. If you want to use my artworks for commercial purposes, please contact me first.

  • Sharing Artworks

    If you do not disagree with this, I might stream parts of the painting process via twitch, although there is no guarantee I will. After finishing the artwork I will post it on my various social media feeds (including tumblr, Instagram, Artstation, Facebook, DeviantArt, Reddit and Furaffinity) and on my homepage. If you don’t want your picture to appear in any of the above, please mention that beforehand.
    If the commission involved drawing your original character, I will link back to you in the description, so please provide the adress you want me to use.

  • Resources

    For some of my works I use free or paid external resources such as textures, brushes and more. Costs for these materials are regularly included in your commission price. In the rare case I need additional resources not calculated into the total yet you will be notified and I'll ask your permission before any fees apply.

  • Patreon Content

    I reserve the right to use the content I created during the commission (including sketches, studies, WIPs and videos) for my non-public Patreon audience.

  • Clearing

    Payment is due one week after approving the final sketch. The currency must be Euro. If you don't want to use Paypal, please contact me before.

  • Restitution

    Refunds are an item of individual evaluation. If you want to cancel a commission before I started or if I have to cancel a commission myself, you will get a full refund. For any cases beyond this please just contact me and I’m sure we will come to an agreement.

If you enjoy my content, please consider a cup of coffee.

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